RODE Wireless Charging on the Go!

In this video we create a truly on-the-go charging station for the RODE Wireless Go. Just throw the case in your backpack and you’re ready to get to that next gig!

Items to build your own
RODE Wireless Go: Don’t buy through Amazon! Find a local shop and support them!
Pelican 1060 Case w/Foam:
10000mAh Power Pack:
Right Angle USB-A to USB-C:
USB-C Passthrough:
Caleb Pike’s Video:

Patreon Equipment Fund:

Gear I use
* Camera:
* 18-55mm Lens:
* 24mm Prime Lens:
* Microphone:
* Wireless System:
* Lav Mic:
* Audio Interface:
* Lights:
* Cheap Radio Arm for Microphone:
* Cheap Tripod Extension:

Check out my friend Wood Carver’s Music!
Amazon Music:

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Business Inquiries:

The Socials:
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